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Nike: Holiday Gifting Collection


Nike : Holiday Gifting Collection

Every year Nike is creating a list of the most wanted gifted products on their website. The opportunity there was to create a unique photography direction and website experience. We decided to use movement, the essence of a sports brand, as a medium to highlight product features.


The design challenges

From kids to adults, we had to find a design and photography direction that conveyed the happiness of receiving of a gift without falling in any clichés.

Another challenge of designing those pages was the integration of the golden ribbon. It was still being developed as we were shooting all the products (100+) and looks (20+).


Shoes photography/lighting direction

As of today (2017), Nike is still using the same lighting to shoot their shoes for tier 1 products (It was reused during the olympics 2016 campaign)

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Photographer: Paul Jung
Creative Director: Jimmy Soat